Buying Club

A great place to order certified organic foods or natural products we can't grow on our farm such as coffee, chocolate, lentils, oils, vinegars, pasta and more! Dry goods ready for market

It is difficult (and often cost prohibitive) to buy everything the farm cannot provide in your weekly shop from the organic section at the grocery store.  We, too, find this to be frustrating and expensive.  Your time (and ours!) is at a premium, and travelling to different health food, bulk, and grocery stores every week can be a real drain on your resources.  Sometimes it is just easier to buy regular store items and be done with it...

We have assembled a group of like-minded people who are interested in co-operating to purchase high quality, organic foods and household items. By joining together to make purchases, members are able to make household budgets go further because of reduced pricing achieved through bulk buying. Another benefit is the ability to source specialty items which may not otherwise be available. We order every 3 weeks from two Ontario companies (Mountain Path and Ontario Natural Food Co-op), who offer an excellent selection of produce and goods from well-known companies as well as having a large selection of bulk goods under their own name.

Our intent is to save money for our members and to ensure that we all get the organic, eco-friendly and sustainable products we need every day without breaking the bank!

Send an email to for more information.